I’ve just completed my new range of work for a solo show at Kings Theatre Kawakawa. The work was created to illustrate a short story I have written for children that highlights the cycle of water. It is the journey of a teardrop from Ranginui to Papatuanuku. I thought I’d share a little before the opening.

Naumai Haeremai 5th – 27th Sept

‘Far above us the water gathers, water evaporated from the mists and oceans. Ihorangi collects the moisture and forms the clouds above the forests. Warm air currents below make the water-logged air gather together, forming heavy rain clouds. One by one drops of rain, the tears of the sky, begin to fall to the land below.’
'Ihorangi'  Kaitiaki of moisture and clouds ‘Ihorangi’
Kaitiaki of moisture and clouds

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